Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Four Golden Rules to follow when buying obsolete electronic components

The first rule is Trustworthiness , research is essential when deciding which company to purchase your stock from.  Cyclops is a noticeably credited member of the Electronic Resellers Association, (ERAI), and also has ISO9001 and A9210 Accreditations so you can rest assured that Cyclops is as trustworthy as they come.

The second rule is Traceability, it is important to know where your parts are coming from to know for sure whether they are genuine or not. Companies that fail to provide the original packaging often create excuses as to why it was lost, and may be counterfeit. One way that Cyclops can help with traceability is to provide CofCs when requested at requirement stage.

The third rule is Testing, when in doubt, test your stock! FPGA testing can be difficult and expensive; however, legitimate reseller should be able to provide test reports when requested. Testing your products before purchase is something that Cyclops is happy to help with, to ensure that you are happy with your stock.

The final rule is Tangibility. This may seem obvious, but if a company can provide you with tangible details such as quantity, datecodes, pricing and photographs of real stock then this can prove that they actually have the components in stock. It is advisable to avoid companies that store their stock ‘overseas’ and offer a vague 1-2 week delivery scheme as they may not always be being honest. 

Cyclops store all of their stock in the UK, and offer a next day delivery service to make sure you receive your products as soon as possible.

Cyclops holds a valued client base, and does everything possible to ensure that a trusting relationship is formed with their clients beginning from the moment that they enquire.

Cyclops also follow strict procedures to check any components authenticity after which, if we are still not happy, we will send any components away for tests.

When dealing with Cyclops, you can be assured that any component we have sourced and supplied have been scrutinised in our anti-counterfeit procedure.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Battling Counterfeiting: Serialization

The problems surrounding electronic counterfeit has been noticeable to the public for many years, however the intensity and complexity of the problem has only recently become more obvious.

Components that are not genuine can fail to perform under the most critical circumstances, and can lead to endangering lives
One way of monitoring and avoiding Counterfeit components is Serialization technology. This includes components being given a universal unique ID serial number which can then be identified by all companies, industries and suppliers.

Some companies apply this technique when labelling components; however, not all do, creating a lot of different ‘home-grown’ barcodes for the same component, allowing Counterfeits to enter the supply chain.

The Cyclops way...
Counterfeiting Simplified!

Find out how Cyclops Electronics battle Counterfeiting with this simple flow chart!

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